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Company sale consulting and implementation

The sale of a company is an economic and legal transaction in which a company or an interest in a company is sold and disposed of in whole or in part by the seller to a buyer in return for payment of the purchase price or in exchange for shares held by the buyer.

The process of implementing a successful company sale requires exclusive know-how and targeted communication with potential buyers.

For this purpose, the sales process is divided into individual phases. Underlying the company valuation is an elementary building block for the sale of your company. Based on the detailed company valuation, a profile is created, and buyers are evaluated. Together with legal and tax law experts all required aspects are examined in depth.

Such an examination is called "due diligence". In a figurative sense, due diligence means a risk assessment carried out with due care, which includes important legal, organizational, financial and tax aspects. In line with your initial situation and the general conditions, we put together individual options and tailor-made courses of action for you.

In doing so, we always pursue the goal of ensuring a trustworthy and reliable representation of interests. You can rely on us as a discreet partner not only during the preparation, but also during the negotiations and finally during the implementation.

The existing corporate structure of collective avantgarde GmbH makes it possible to maximize the sales price and to successfully implement the transaction process for you.

Specialized in the sale of medium-sized companies, our M&A consultants lead the project management to achieve the pre-defined goals. Our wealth of experience is characterized by expertise in a wide range of industries.

For further insights, please have a look at our references.

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What are MBO, MBI, OBO?

Basically, MBO translates into management buyout, MBI translates into management buy in and OBO into owner buyout.

MBO | Management-Buyout

A management buyout is a transaction in which the management team of the company acquires the assets of the company it manages.

Through this form of transaction, the owner of the company gains more opportunities and control over the company.

The advantage of an MBO can entail the transfer to a private company to improve the profitability of the company. Therefore, the MBO is a popular exit strategy for companies that specifically want to sell business units.

This step is usually financed with a combination of debt and equity, which can be raised from various parties.

MBI | Management-Buyin

If we now contrast this knowledge with MBI, we understand MBI that an external management team acquires a company and replaces the existing team.

The task of the new team is primarily to get to know the company, its structures, working methods and employees, to use this knowledge to achieve targeted new successes.

This strategy is often chosen when the company is undervalued or the management team should take new approaches, but it can also be part of the succession strategy. For more on business succession, click here.

Business Succession

OBO | Owner-Buyout

Let's now turn to a rather special form of a buyout transaction, the owner buyout (OBO). In this form, the seller retains control of a dedicated portion of the company after the transaction. The strategy can be divided into two phases. First, an M&A advisory firm conducts a regular leverage buyout and acquires the target company using a special buyout vehicle. In the second phase, the seller reinvests parts of the purchase price in the new vehicle and receives an equity stake in return. 

The complexity of this transaction can only be accomplished with the help of an experienced M&A advisory firm. If you would like more information about our profile or the relevant references, please feel free to visit us here.

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