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Company acquisition

Buying a company means acquisition or takeover. In both cases, collective avantgarde GmbH will provide you with trustworthy and individual advice.

Since 1998 collective avantgarde GmbH has stood for progressiveness, discretion, and extensive industry knowledge. Our M&A consultants have comprehensive expertise in various market and competitive situations. This enables us to sound out and select suitable companies for your goal.

We advise you further on the various forms of company acquisition and are the discreet partner by your side.

We differentiate between two different forms of company acquisition. While a share deal refers to the purchase of shares in a limited liability company, an asset deal is implemented through the purchase of real estate or production facilities.

Are you interested in a share deal?

The advantages of a share deal can be summarized by the assumption of contractual relationships and the associated property rights. In addition, guarantees or warranties can be agreed. During a detailed due diligence review, all elements of liabilities and legacy issues are identified. Together with you, we develop the right and individual strategy for the company acquisition.


Are you considering an asset deal?

The asset deal, on the other hand, includes all work, contractual components, and legal relationships in the purchase agreement. These assets belonging to the company can be transferred from the previous legal entity to the buyer. This means that the entrepreneur sells his assets. Unlike, in the case of a share deal, the shareholder sells company shares.

Both share and asset deals are extensive and partially complicated matters that require specific know-how. The successful acquisition of a company depends on a sustainable evaluation and minimization of all risk factors. Furthermore, the targeted assessment of the value of a company and the strategy adapted to it is essential for the successful implementation of the company acquisition.

Specialized in the acquisition of medium-sized companies, our M&A consultants implement the complete process of company acquisition for you. We advise you on the identification of a suitable object, potential buyers, and your individual post-merger strategy. If additional capital is needed for a successful company acquisition, we have a wide range of other investors with equity or debt capital at our disposal. We accompany and advise you through the individual steps of the process and suggest concrete and individual proposals for the transaction structure.

Please feel free to contact us discreetly & confidentially by e-mail or telephone.

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