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Company and market observation

collective avantgarde GmbH offers company-, environment- and market observation to sound out markets and companies as well as toto establish contact with the shareholder at the right time.

Company and market observation

The company and market observation refers primarily to the observation of a strategic target company by our experts of collective avantgarde GmbH and is part of a comprehensive market analysis. The observation of a target company and the industry or market over a longer period not only helps the company to recognize changes, but also to react promptly when purchase opportunities arise.

These observations focus on market trends and strategic target companies.

The following scenario can be sketched as an example: If the demand for a good is very high, for example, the first steps of the purchasing process can be initiated. As a result of these external conditions, the value of the company can increase continuously. The product or service is particularly attractive to potential customers. The art is to sell the company at exactly the right time by an expert. Because the potential buyer also pursues the goal of expanding his own market share or securing competitive advantages.

Entrust the experts of collective avantgarde GmbH with the market and company observation, we focus mainly on medium-sized companies.

Through our comprehensive, industry-specific know-how, we observe the target market and competitors.

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